Frequently Asked Questions

The main questions people ask us are “How do ya’ use it?!?”“,  “What food goes with dat?!?”, and “Where/how do we get this stuff?!?!”, so we’re here to help. Natali’s Brand recipes can be best used “as is”, right out of the jar as a condiment, or as an ingredient to spice up any of your favorite dishes. You can add it to bread, soup, pastas, anything that you want to add a little spice. The possibilities are endless. See some of our suggestion below or check back to our recipes page for ideas.

Remember, Italian food is simple, meant to be fresh and delizioso.  Our recipes are as unique and authentic as the immigrants who inspired them.  So, have fun creating your own recipes, and family experiences.

Please reach us via email/Facebook/phone or our contact us page and share your family experiences, ideas, uses of our products with us.  Please share with us how you have been inspired Italian.  We love to hear from our customers and extended family.

Our recipes have a rich history of flavor and tradition passed down from generations of families like yours and ours.

From our house to your mouth. Great. Italian. Peppers.

How do you use it?

You can…

Sprinkle it. Brush it. Steep it.
Drizzle it. Stuff it. Grill Press it.
Squeeze it. Glaze it. Bake it.
Toss it. Blend it. Pan Sear it.
Toast it. Garnish it. Roast it.
Sauce it. Grill it. Crisp it.
Dip it. BBQ it. Fry it.
Chop it. Broil it. Whip it.
Boil it. Sauté it. Bake it.
Mix it. Pâté it. Dress it.
Dice it. Marinate it. Smoke it.
Spread it. Baste it. Soak it.
Top it. Puree it. Cream it.
Pour it. Crush it. Cheese it.
Gorgonzola it. Rotisserie it. Mozzarella it.
Simmer it. Mince it. Cure it.
Tartar it. Signature it. Mascarpone it.
Al Forno it. Soup it. Feta it.
Balsamic it. Steep it. Savor it.

What foods go with dat?

Well, we say you can always…

Marinara Dat. Polpette Dat.
Beef Dat. Omlette Dat.
Salad Dat. Pot Roast Dat.
Wrap Dat. Panini Dat.
Stir Fry Dat. Chili Dat.
Sausage Dat. Scampi Dat.
Pizza Dat. Stew Dat.
Soup Dat. Cracker Dat.
Chicken Dat. Prosciutto Dat.
Sub Dat. Salami Dat.
Calzoni Dat. Bruschetta Dat.
Hot Dog Dat. Appetizer Dat.
Yogurt Dat. Hamburger Dat.
Goat Cheese Dat. Meatball Dat.
Onion Dat. Taco Dat.
Quesadilla Dat. Tostada Dat.
Focaccia Dat. Burrito Dat.
Bistecca Dat. Fish Dat.
Shrimp Dat. Wing Dat.
Sangwich Dat. Tuna Dat.
Pork Dat. Egg Dat.
Kabobs Dat. Rice Dat.


Where can I buy this stuff?

If you’re in Illinois/Chicagoland area, please visit our Where to Buy page for local retailers.  If your online and would like to have your order shipped, please visit our online store.  We accept PayPal and credit card purchase.  If you have any questions, you can always call us, we love would love to talk to you and share our excitement about Natali’s Italian products.  Visit our Facebook page for the latest events and food inspiration.

Grazie & Buon appetito