Soup Base & Seasonings

Beef Soup Base

Nonno’s secret is out.  He preferred Beef base over anything else.  To make his perfect brodo (broth) simply add water and simmer.

Nonno believed that less is more.  He used the best base for taste & seasoning.  Today, no one has time to make stock or brodo from scratch.  our soup base is ready to use and tastes like homemade.  Adding fresh cuts of beef broth from the butcher and vegetables from the yard was his favorite recipe.

Of course, his base can also be used as a seasoning ingredient in any dish.  Remember Nonno’s motto of less is more.  Never over power and waste the product or the ingredients.

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Chicken Soup Base

Nonna’s secret is out.  The foundation for her soup or brodo (broth) was made from this delicious base recipe.  Simply add water and simmer.

Nonna’s base will romance, enhance, season and flavor all stews sauces and gravies.

Almost every meal in the Natali house stared with this base.  She would simmer a whole chicken for hours to make her broth.  The broth was added to fress garden vegetables and shredded chicken for her favorite soup.  She also used her broth to extend the life of leftover dishes.

Of course, it can also be used as a seasoning ingredient in any dish.  Nonna always measured by eye, then added a little more time.

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Vegetable Soup Base