Specialty Peppers


Vendetta hits you when you least expect it.  This Italian hot pepper mix is arguably unforgettable.  An old family recipe.  Natali’s sliced hot pepper mix is simple yet powerful with a satisfying blend of premium peppers, herbs, and spices.

Use Vendetta hot pepper mix to avenge the monotony of boring sandwiches and blad leftovers.  Top it, broil it, fry it or eat it right of the jar.  You won’t forget this mix… It won’t forget you.

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La Bomba

La Bomba is an explosion to your taste buds.  A fiery creation to look up to.  This spread is the Big Brother that stands above all others.

Natali’s Italian-American recipe can be added to anything that needs an extra spark, kick, or punch.  Dip it, spread it, top it over any bread.  Pour it on chicken, fish, meats or your favorite sandwich.

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Paesano (Hot or Mild)

Paesano is a spread for the people.  Available as a hot or mild blend of farm fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices that your whole family will enjoy.

Our old country recipe is a bounty of vegetables, garlic, and tradition.  Spread on top of your pizza or pasta dish.  Perfect out of the jar or as an appetizer.  Good on steak, fish, lamb or pork.

Paesano is best used as an ingredient in a recipe.  Add a tablespoon or two in your sauce.  It’s our family secret, but we don’t mind if you tell your friends.

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Diavolo was reserved, kept as a dark secret, shared only with our inner circle.  An infernal little spread, small in stature, but robust and savory.

Diavolo is brimming with hot green peppers, onions, garlic, and hellfire.  Spread on top of your pizza or pasta dish.  Best used as an ingredient in a recipe.  Add a tablespoon or two into your sauce.  That’s our secret.  It’s devilishly hot and truly sinful.

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